DeMolay International Membership Program

Hear Ye!      Hear Ye!      Hear Ye!

 To:  All Active DeMolays, All Advisors, Executive Officers, Parents, and Sweethearts

 Compete, Conquer,

and Earn your Knightly Arms!

DeMolay International is proud to announce the KINGDOM OF DeMOLAY RECRUITING CONTEST which shall commence on Tuesday, November 1st, and come to an end on Saturday, December 31st, 2011. 

 Prizes will be awarded in three (3) categories.

  • BEST IN OVERALL GROWTH (Largest # of Initiates) Recruit & initiate a minimum of seven (7) new members to qualify.
  • BEST IN NET GROWTH (Largest % of growth) Increase the size of your Chapter by 20% to qualify.
  • TOP FIRST LINE SIGNER (Most new initiates)  Recruit and sign at least two (2) new members to qualify.

The Polo shirts shall signify that you are indeed a Champion in the Kingdom of DeMolay!  They will not be available for sale to anyone who does not earn one. Each Chapter will be awarded up to 25 polos.  Additional polos may be purchased at cost.

 All Form 10’s must be completed and submitted according to the Rules and Regulations of the Chapter.  The campaign commences on November 1st, 2011 through December 31st, 2011.  No Form 10’s will be considered for this campaign if postmarked after January 10th, 2012.

 In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken in a traditionally Knightly manner.  A committee of fair maidens shall determine the winner.

Show the entire Kingdom of DeMolay you have the heart,

strength, and courage to endure.

The Rite of Teamwork is in your hands!

Download a flyer here


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