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Sunday, September 25, 2011 - Westborough, Massachusetts

Advisors Conference Weekend

Wraps-Up Today.

The Advisors Conference is coming to a successful and rewarding conclusion today as over 60 Advisors from across Region One participated in the third annual Advisors Conference held this weekend at the DoubleTree Inn in Westborough, Massachusetts.  


The unofficial theme of the conference was on communication.  To that end several sessions focused on emerging or existing technologies including Twitter, Facebook, blogging, texting and emailing.


There were many highlights of the conference including:


A presentation from Jim and Bob of Boston Light not only continuing the discussion of the Kingdom of DeMolay website that will be introduced soon but the other three pillars of the DeMolay Awareness Campaign.   A free and open discussion ensued relative to the responsibilities that might be a part of the Advisor's role going forward.  A great idea exchange occurred and Boston Light expressed their gratitude for the positive input received from the Advisors.


As a staple program in any Advisor gathering, a role playing and problem solving group exercise explored challenges faced by an average Advisory Council.  Possible approaches to different scenarios were explored.


As an appetizer before dinner the EO's present (Noble, Millett, Baldwin and Needham) formed a panel and fielded questions and comments from the assemblage.  Unsurprisingly, there was little philosophical disagreement between the EO's and many issues were brought forward.  The EO's acquitted themselves well.


Two particular stand-out programs were:


Dad Doug Hanks who presented a program entitled:, "All DeMolays Have Needs; Some are Special." More and more DeMolays are arriving in our Chapters with special needs. Are we able to respond to their needs? What skills will we need? Dad Hanks brought a professional perspective to a growing challenge. 


Dad Bryan Anderson presented an excellent program on membership: "Making the Sale: The ongoing program of membership Development."  Dad Anderson spoke about the anatomy of a sale, how to apply those lessons to the membership recruitment efforts and then went through the successful approach used in West Haven, Connecticut for Robert H. Heller Chapter.  


A special thanks to all that attended and to Jeff Northrup, Ann Northrup, Carl Ek, Matt DeFronzo, Doug Hanks, Bryan Anderson, Liz Havu, Lucinda Newton, Rick Lavoie, Bill Millett, Harry Needham, George Baldwin, and Brian Noble who made presentations during the conference.

Region One State Officers Meet in Boston


On Labor Day, Regional Cabinet Member Tyler Anderson, PSMC (CT) chaired a meeting of the Region One State Officers at the Massachusetts DeMolay Office in Boston.  State Officers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire gathered to discuss common problems and solutions.  There will be a Regional Ritual Competition this Spring.  Cooperation, communication, and common solutions where the theme and result of the conference.  



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