Mom Cecelia Evangelista 1964-2016

It is with sadness that I inform you of the passing of Mom Cecelia Evangelista, of Sleeping Giant Chapter. Mom Evangelista became involved with DeMolay when her son Paul, (PSMC) joined DeMolay.  She worked tirelessly for the chapter and the state and was dedicated to making her son the success he was.  Words cannot do justice for the people she impacted, the ideas she came up with, and the lives she touched as an advisor and mother.

When a person becomes an advisor we tell them the most important part of the job is being dedicated to the members.  We tell them to find a way for growth in that young man whom they come in contact with and we encourage them to never give up on the young men of DeMolay, the finest youth organization in the world, bar none.  Mom Evangelista lived her life with this dedication and nurtured her family with a love that transcends to each and every one of us.

In the flower talk we learn these words,

Some day you'll find that flower, I know not where, perhaps in her Bible or prayer book or some other sacred place, a silent witness to what this night has meant to the one whose love for you, her son, is beyond the comprehension of any son.
Mom Evangelista was always there for all DeMolays and gave that dedication to all with whom she came in contact.
Today as we morn her loss, let us pay particular attention to the life she lived and to the dedication she gave to everyone she worked with in this great Order of DeMolay. Each of us who received that red or white flower holds a special place for his mothers love, today I ask that you hold a symbolic flower for this mothers love.
God Bless Mother.  God Bless Father.  God Bless the purposes of DeMolay.
God Bless Mom Cecelia Evangelista.
Dad Harry E. Needham III
Executive Officer
Connecticut DeMolay
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