The Gavel is Traveling

On Sunday, December 14th, Milford Chapter traveled all the way to Nathan Hale Chapter in New Britain in order to claim the famous Traveling Gavel as their own.  Led by Master Councilor Justin Hawkins, Noel Womack, KJ Pokornowski, Paul Danyliw, and Jon Carpenter secured the coveted six-foot tall symbol of authority for Milford Chapter.

Nathan Hale Chapter was dissapointed that they would no longer vaunt the gavel during their meetings.  Dominic Rowland even threatened to take it back at their next meeting.  Nevertheless, these are the rewards that a chapter can glean if they truly make an effort to visit other chapters.  Besides this, however, visiting each chapter is a fantastic way to show brotherhood and support for your fellow DeMolays and no chapter exemplifies that better than Nathan Hale Chapter and Milford Chapter.

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