Advanced JO Training

As if JO training at LTC wasn't enough!  This past weekend, State Officers from Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts all converged at The Overlook in Charlton, Massachusetts to undergo even more jurisdictional officer training.  This program was designed to go beyond even LTC's lessons to further help us DeMolays run our states effectively.  Needless to say, it was met with great success and enthusiasm.

Under the guidance of Dads Abbot and Rooney, from Massachusetts, and Dad Needham IV, from Connecticut, the participants split into two teams: The Alpacas, led by the fearless Mac Rankin, Massachusetts State Master Councilor, and the NegativeFives, guided under the steady hand of Nick Carpenter, Connecticut State Master Councilor.  They proceeded to partake in activities, including drawing the ideal JO. Unfortunately, the results of this activity were so embarrasing that both teams lost five points, starting off the scoring with negative five points each.  Another  popular activity was "Talking in  Circles," in which a team must manipulate a long, circular string to take the shape of whatever shape is shown on a projector.  After the teams created a perfect square, a star, and, of course, Zoidberg, the classes were set to begin.

Dad Rooney taught a class on writing articles for the state website (which has obviously come in handy), Dad Abbot demonstrated the best way to teach, and Dad Needham IV mostly found a dark pleasure in deducting points from the NegativeFives in as unjust a way as possible. After a rousing game of Double Dare, the teams were pitted against each other in one final battle of wits over how school should be scheduled.  Needless to say, the NegativeFives will now be hailed as the saviors of summer after striking down the oppressionist Alpacas.

In the end, the scoring was ridiculously close.  At one point, The Alpacas had a 20.01 point advantage over the NegativeFives, who continued to suffer from suspect calls from the referees but, the NegativeFives charged back in Double Dare and finally had a foothold on the lead, which they would not relinquish.  The final score was: the NegativeFives: 161, The Alpacas: a sweetly ironic -5.

With that, the weekend was over.  All of the State Oficers returned to their respective states; some on the soaring wings of victory, others on the crushing waves of defeat...yet, all with skills, knowledge, and experience to make DeMolay even better than it already is.

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