The Porcupine Revolution

Never has there been a more popular animal at LTC like the porcupine (except for the snipe). What has happened at LTC is something spectacular, a porcupine revolution!

They are amazing to say the least. Give them credit where credit is due - because these animals are ferocious. You should first know that they can climb trees. Up in these trees is where they have placed their scouts so that they can have a constant supply of information. Never have they been so offensive in their actions to take Lions Camp Pride. Going on to the field at nights also helps them gain the advantage. To go with the theme of special ops, these porcupines travel in groups. Let them roam, and you have already underestimated them; they are not to be trifled with.

You must notify one of your Dad Advisors immediately so they can help win the battle for the humans. Down on the ground, they are extremely immobile and slow so that is why they travel at night to be unseen. Never approach one alone. Going on with a porcupine mono a porcupine is a losing battle. To defeat one, you must have proper PSDT, or Porcupine Special Defense Training, which Dad Earle happens to have. Run to Dad Earle so he can dispatch the group of porcupines effectively. Around the camp, these porcupines have been seen in droves. They also have been known to disappear at a moments notice. “Desert your stations!!!” they cry when they see a human. You can hear it because they speak Porcupinese. The porcupine revolution is coming - if we aren’t prepared, we will lose the war. Now pay attention, be aware, don't engage them alone, and notify Dad Earle the Porcupine Defense Specialist.

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