Supreme Council Honors Designates

Connecticut DeMolay has been blessed with many people who have worked hard for our jurisdiction over the years.  The following individuals have been recognized this year for their continued efforts on behalf of our Order, our Jurisdiction, and our Chapters:


Deputy Member of the International Supreme Council:
Dad Arthur W. Stauff, Active Legion of Honor, Chevalier, PSMC 79-80, William Campbell Medal Recipient, Past Grand Commander of the CT Court of Chevaliers, Captain (U.S. Navy)


Honorary Member of the International Supreme Council:

Dad Curtis S. Holtman, Active Legion of Honor, Chevalier, William Campbell Medal Recipient, Zerubbabel Key (Nathan Hale Chapter), Past Chapter Advisor of multiple Chapters in CT, Past Grand Commander of the CT Court of Chevaliers


Active Legion of Honor:
Dad Christopher J. BuckChevalier, William Campbell Medal Recipient, PSMC 97-99, Secretary of the CT DeMolay Foundation, Past Director of Conclave



Nicholas Carpenter, SMC, PMC Milford Chapter, Blue Honor Key
Tyler Brush, PMC Doric Chapter, PSMar
Jason Ferenczy, PSSC, PMC Doric Chapter
Mario Scherer, New Haven Chapter, PMC Edward W. Slade Chapter, PSChap
Lorenzo Cardoso, PMC Edward W. Slade Chapter & Nathan Hale Chapter, PMS-MSA, PSSC
Cross of Honor:
Mom Susan Carpenter, Chapter Administrator (Milford Chapter), Website and Adminstrative Staff Advisor for CT DeMolay
Congratulations to all. 
Connecticut DeMolay is proud to have been blessed by your service.


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