Seeking State Sweetheart Candidates!

Connecticut DeMolay is seeking volunteers to participate in the State Sweetheart Program.

The State Sweetheart Program consists of the State Sweetheart and her Court.  The State Sweetheart serves as the figure head for the Sweetheart Court, attends Chapter Installations and coordinates at least 1 event for DeMolay and Rainbow during the year.  The Sweetheart Court serves as a liasson between DeMolay and Rainbow to promote events by either group to the other, and attends Chapter Installations (speaking on behalf of the State Sweetheart in her absense).  While these expectations are weighty, and we appreciate the service of anyone interested in serving in one of these positions, we would like to make clear that Family and Rainbow responsibilities come before DeMolay activities.

The State Sweetheart is elected, by the members of Connecticut DeMolay in attendance, at the State Sweetheart Ball, this year on Saturday May 3rd.

To be eligible for State Sweetheart, the young lady must be:

  • A Connecticut Rainbow Girl, in good standing
  • 16 years old, with either reliable transportation or the ability to get to various events throughout the year.

To be eligible for the State Sweetheart Court, the young lady must be:

  • A Connecticut Rainbow Girl, in good standing
  • 13 years old.

If interested in belonging to the State Sweetheart Program, please apply via email to Mom Kathy Mallory.  

The 2014 State Sweetheart Ball will be Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 7-11pm at the Sphinx Shrine Center on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington.  Tickets are on sale for $10 (from the State Sweetheart, members of the Court, and any State Suite Officer).

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