Billiards Tournament - recap

On Saturday, November 30th, Sleeping Giant Chapter held a billiards tournament at the Sphinx Shrine Temple in Newington.
There were 7 teams, the competition was intense, the  games were fought with much passion.  As we all know, billiards is a game of skill, a game of precision and a game that takes concentration...  but they played anyway.
Through a series of matches, some might call painful, others would call humorous, emerged the victorious team.  As LUCK would have it, the winners of the tournament were Sleeping Giant Master Councilor, Andrew Birdsall & State Sweetheart, Dakota McDonough, over State Master Councilor, James Cavanaugh and Sleeping Giant's newest member Nicholas Everlith.  The winners went undefeated (or as some put it, "they just didn't lose") throughout the entire tournament, much to the State Sweethearts surprise.
A great time was had by all.



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