Connecticut DeMolay Honors Grand Master

October 13th, the day that Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knight's Templar, was arrested under orders of King Philip IV of France, 706 years ago...  that was a Friday. 

This day wasn't as unlucky...  Maybe because it was Sunday, perhaps...  But likely because of the friend Connecticut DeMolay has in the Masons of Connecticut.

Connecticut DeMolay honored Simon R. LaPlace, The Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Masons in Connecticut, by inducting Honorary DeMolays into Auvergne Chapter.  Honorary DeMolays are Master Masons who missed the opportunity to join DeMolay in their youth, but want to join the ranks of the millions of young men who were able to do so, and also want to support the current young men, even if symbolically, by joining their cause.

Auvergne Chapter Master Councilor, Dad George Greytak welcomed 8 Master Masons into the DeMolay fold after excellent ceremonies portrayed by members of Connecticut DeMolay under the leadership of State Master Councilor James P. Cavanaugh II.

Executive Officer, Dad Harry E. Needham III, assisted by  SMC Cavanaugh, MC Greytak, MWGM LaPlace and Chapter Chairman Kenneth Hawkins, presented the new brothers with their patents and pins.

Due to some changes in the DeMolay Ritual, Chapter namesake, Guy of Auvergne, no longer is part of the DeMolay culture.  But after a quick vote of the Chapter members, the name stands.

The Past State Master Councilors paid tribute to one of the brothers who has fallen from their ranks, Dad Carl G. Ek, passed away suddenly nearly 6 months ago.  The PSMC's donated a new Bible to the Connecticut DeMolay State Chapter in Carl Ek's memory with the hope that it'll be used at public ceremonies of the State Chapter as well as the large events such as Brotherhood Weekend and Conclave.

When the floor was turned over to Most Worshipful Grand Master LaPlace, he spoke of his DeMolay journey, the important role of the Auvergne DeMolays and the importance of Masons to support the youth of Connecticut.  Dad LaPlace, as the young men call him, detailed his experience when he attended this year's Conclave, in July, and explained what a thrilling, tiring, entertaining, and educational experience it was.

Unlike that day 706 years ago, today was a celebration of the support that Masons give to DeMolay, a tribute to a lost friend, and a display of respect to the Grand Master with degrees in his honor. 

Thank you Dad LaPlace for all you have done for DeMolay.

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