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October 2013



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September...  Back to DeMolay:

    September was quite a busy month for State Master Councilor, James P. Cavanaugh II and the State Suite.  The beginning of the month started with a call to business.  The State Suite reconvened from our summer shenanigans, ready to give the members of Connecticut DeMolay all we had to offer! 
    We got our first chance to do so at the Labor Day parade in Newtown, Connecticut on the 2nd.  Connecticut DeMolay followed behind the Masons as we marched through the streets of Newtown, waving and passing out flyers along the way.  Members from Doric Chapter, Milford Chapter, Sleeping Giant Chapter, and New Haven Chapter, as well as the State Sweetheart Court, attended the event to show support for the Newtown community.
    On the 7th we held the Welcome Back Picnic with Rainbow.  Last year's picnic was such a success, we decided to try another, and this year's turn-out was outstanding.  We were able to socialize with the girls, have some team building events (although, the water balloon toss turned into a water balloon fight - it was fun) and the event was capped off with a screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
    A week later, the State Suite performed its first installation of officers for the members of Sleeping Giant Chapter on the 14th.  State Master Councilor James P. Cavanaugh II presided over the ceremony as we installed another member of the State Suite, State Officer at Large Andrew Birdsall, as Master Councilor for yet another term as head of a chapter! Andrew was already Master Councilor of Sleeping Giant and Nathan Hale Chapters, bringing his grand total of elections to the highest position within the chapter to three!  We all wish Andrew congratulations on this special achievement and wish him luck in his upcoming term.
    The spectacular weekend didn't stop there.  September 15th was a Legion of Honor investiture for Dads Frank Lesco and Charles WarfieldExecutive Officer Harry E. Needham III had the honor of presiding over this ceremony.  Dad Lesco is a Past Master Councilor of New Haven Chapter and has been one of the most visible advisors in recent memory, having served DeMolay as a Chapter Advisor for more than a few Chapters and also as State Chapter Dad (the preceptors represented each Chapter that Dad Lesco was involved in as an Advisor). Dad Warfield is a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, a Senior DeMolay, and has actively supported DeMolay throughout his Masonic career.
    September 20th featured a double investiture at Edward W. Slade Chapter in Wallingford.  Brother Mike Yanofsky was elevated to the rank of Chevalier with Executive Officer Needham presiding over ceremonies.  That same night, Dad Steven Tenner, Chapter Advisor of Edward W. Slade, was awarded the Cross of Honor for his dedication to the Order as well as Edward W. Slade Chapter.  Congratulations to both of these recipients! The honors are beyond deserved for two people as dedicated to DeMolay as they are.
    The first official visitation of the State Master Councilor was to his home Chapter, in North Haven, Sleeping Giant Chapter.  Members of the State Suite, Milford Chapter, Edward W. Slade Chapter, and two prospective members all turned out to see Andrew Birdsall's first meeting as Master Councilor, on September 24th.  It was an eventful evening. State Master Councilor James P. Cavanaugh II presented the new ritual changes implemented by DeMolay International and Deputy State Master Councilor Nick Carpenter pitched Brotherhood Weekend while Sleeping Giant Chapter headlined an exciting stretch of events in the upcoming weeks.  The night culminated in Milford Chapter successfully taking the sought after Traveling Gavel back to (what they consider) its rightful place.
    Nathan Hale Chapter held another recruitment event with New Britain Assembly #6 on September 27th.  All that went had fun playing volleyball, Frisbee, billiards, darts or just socializing.  There were 5 prospective members present and most are expected to be inducted into DeMolay at Brotherhood Weekend.
    Like I said, a very busy month, to be sure.  But, that's just how we like it here on the State Suite!  We love traveling around Connecticut and meeting all the brothers we can.  We look forward to installing, visiting, and conferring degrees for all of our brothers this coming year!
Fraternally yours,
Nick Carpenter
Deputy State Master Councilor


Grand Master's Class


Auvergne Chapter 2013 Degrees

Sunday, Oct 13th, New Haven

4PM Initiatory Degree, 5PM DeMolay Degree


     This year's Grand Master's Class, in honor of Most Worshipful Grand Master Simon R. LaPlace, will be performed for new Honorary DeMolays who will be joining Auvergne Chapter.  While we will not be bringing in new active DeMolays at this event, all Chapters are encouraged to be in attendance to help welcome these new supporters of Connecticut DeMolay into the comradeship of our organization and to help us honor the Grand Master who has taken the time to not only support DeMolay but has participated in a few of our activities this year, including spending the entire weekend at Conclave.

    The Chapter with the most members present, who are not part of the degree teams, will receive special recognition, but you'll have to be there to find out what it is.


Let's Go Fishing


    New Haven Chapter will be getting up at the wee hours of the morning on Monday, October 14th (Columbus Day) to go fishing for Porgies.  This event is open to anyone who wants to go, DeMolays, friends, parents... 

    The Mijoy 747 will be leaving the dock at 12 River Street, Mijoy Dock in Waterford, CT at 6AM and should return to the dock by 2PM.  The price is $56 and includes rod, reel, & bait. 

    Bring extra cash as the boat does have a snack bar, but you can bring breakfast & lunch - also the mates will fillet your fish, and will expect to be tipped.  More information can be found here.


     For anyone planning on going fishing, but worries about getting there on time, because of the early start, New Haven Chapter will be having a pre-fishing trip movie night and sleepover at the New Haven Masonic Building, the movie will start at 7PM.  Bring a sleeping bag, pillow...  Breakfast will be provided prior to embarking on the quest for the elusive Salmon of Knowledge.  Don't just show up, however, please make arrangements through your Chapter Advisor.


Brotherhood Weekend



      Are You Registered??  It's not too late, but it's getting close

    This Year's Brotherhood Weekend promises to be as enthusiastic as ever.  It'll be a great place to re-acquaint yourself with members from other Chapters or get to meet new friends from around Connecticut DeMolay and even Region 1.

    We will be inducting new members and performing the impressive outdoor version of the DeMolay Degree.

    There will be camp-run activities which could include Alpine Tower, Rock Wall, Waterfront (canoes and kayaks), ropes course, Skate Park or archery.  As usual we will have manhunt and the ever popular Dodge Ball, this year Deputy State Master Councilor, Nicholas Carpenter informs that he'll be throwing in a few new twists that you'll have to see to believe. 

     This is one of Connecticut DeMolay's premier events, and this is one year you won't want to miss.  We'll see you there, October 18th-20th.


Traveling Gavel Update



    Congratulations to Milford Chapter for claiming the Traveling Gavel from Sleeping Giant Chapter on Tuesday, September 24th.  Honorable mention to Edward W. Slade Chapter for making an attempt on the same night. 

    To claim the gavel, bring 5 Chapter members to visit one of their stated meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

    If multiple Chapters are in attendance, the visiting Chapter with the most members present will take the gavel home.  If both visiting Chapters have the same number of members present, the Chapter that drives the furthest (from their home meeting place) will claim the gavel.

    I will be making an official State Master Councilor Visitation there on Wednesday, October 9th, I'd like to see as many Chapters as possible try to claim the coveted gavel.


Haunted Hay Ride


State Sweetheart, Dakota McDonough has been collaborating with the State Sweetheart Court and Sweetheart Advisor, Mom Mallory on a Sweetheart Court Sponsored event for Connecticut DeMolay.

We are excited to announce that we will be going on a Haunted Hay Ride on October 25th at 6PM.  The cost of the event is $15 and reservations are requested from your Chapter Advisor by October 20th.  Reserve your spot now!  This will be a very fun event and we should support the Sweetheart Programs as the Sweethearts have been a great support to us.


3 on 3 Basketball


    Nathan Hale Chapter will be hosting 3 on 3 Basketball as a membership recruitment event on Saturday, October 26th from 9am to 3pm at Roosevelt Middle School in New Britain.  Registrations forms can be found here and the flyer here.  This was a great event last year, this year we have the added benefit of being indoors, so rain or shine, also we have created 2 divisions (grades 7-8 and 9-12), bring your friends, bring your Chapter and bring your game.


Masquerade Ball


    New Haven Chapter is sponsoring a Masquerade Ball on October 26th from 7 to 11PM at the New Haven Masonic Building.  The cost is $8/person, $12/couple.  This will not be a costume party, rather a more formal affair with formal masques, but should be more fun than any other Halloween Party this year - and there will be prizes awarded.


Membership Expo 2013


    A Chapter can never have enough members.  We have age limits, we have members that go away to college and members that move on with other things in their lives.  Our membership is in a state of constant flux.  Relying on last year's recruitment results, or even last month's, can be a disaster for any Chapter's program.

    On Saturday, November 16th we will be exploring ways to recruit new members and retain current members.  This program should be beneficial for all Chapters in Connecticut DeMolay, as such, each Chapter is expected to be represented by their Councilors at a minimum, all DeMolays are invited to attend.


State Master Councilor's Message


        September was a great month for DeMolay in Connecticut.  I had the pleasure of making three visitations over the course of the month and I was excited to see what the chapters were putting together in regard to events and their programs as a whole.  I expect October will be no different.  I will be making two SMC Visitations to Milford and New Haven this month so if you haven't seen the presentation on the new ritual changes, don't wait.  You'll have a chance to see this presentation on October 9th and October 21st. 


    When I visited Milford chapter last month, the Master Councilor issued a challenge to the members of his chapter to learn their obligations.  I believe this is the single most important piece of ritual you can ever learn so I challenge each of you to do the same.  How do you do this, you ask?  All you have to do is repeat your obligations from memory  and answer the corresponding queries in open chapter.  The obligations and queries can be found on pages 83-86 if you have a red book and if you have a blue book they should be around page 74.


    Brotherhood Weekend is fast approaching and your State Officers have been working hard to be sure that this year's event is as successful last year's.  I look forward to seeing each of you at Camp Hazen on October 18th.


 James P. Cavanaugh II

 State Master Councilor


Upcoming Events


October  4th           New Haven Chapter Installation, 7PM, New Haven


October  7th              Robert H. Heller Chapter Installation, 7PM, West Haven


October 9th               State Master Councilor Visitation, 7:30PM, Milford


October 12th             Chevalier / Legion of Honor Investitures, 7:30PM, North Haven


October 13th             Grand Master's Class, 4PM, New Haven


October 13th             Pre-Fishing Movie night, sleepover, New Haven, 7PM


October 14th             Porgy Fishing with New Haven Chapter, 6AM, Waterford


October 18-20          Brotherhood Weekend, Camp Hazen, Chester


October 21st              State Master Councilor Visitation, 7PM, New Haven


October 25th             Haunted Hay Ride, 6PM, Shelton


October 26th           3 on 3 Basketball, 9am, New Britain


October 26th             Masquerade Ball, 7PM, New Haven


CT DeMolay YouTube Channel


Check out the new CT DeMolay YouTube channel by following this link.  We hope this will be yet another way of increasing communication.


307 Biehl Road

Hamden, Connecticut 06518


James P. Cavanaugh II

State Master Councilor




Harry E. Needham, III

Executive Officer



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