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State Master Councilor's Message


    I hope you all had an incredible summer, I know my State Officers and I did.  It's September now, everyone's going back to school, and that  means it's time to come back to DeMolay.

    We have a very busy first  half of the year planned and with all the enthusiasm I saw at LTC, I  can't wait to see what each of your Chapters will accomplish.

    As some  of you may know, there have been some changes to the ritual, thus  DeMolay International has released the 15th edition of the ritual to reflect these changes. DI  expects each of the Chapters to be performing ritual from this edition by the end of the month.  I share that same expectation and I am  confident in your ability to make that happen. During my official  visitations from now until the end of December I will be discussing with  each of your Chapters all of the changes that have been made and why they have been made. Below are the dates I will be visiting your Chapters:


        September 24th:      Sleeping Giant Chapter

        October 7th:               New Haven Chapter

        October 23rd:            Milford Chapter

        November 5th:          Robert H. Heller Chapter

        November 22nd:      Doric Chapter

        December 8th:          Nathan Hale Chapter

        December 20th:       Edward W. Slade Chapter


    Feel free to come visit the other chapters with me.  You may learn something new each time you listen.


Welcome Back Picnic


    This Saturday, September 7th, Connecticut DeMolay and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls will be hosting the 2nd Annual Welcome Back Picnic at the Pavilion in Ashlar Village from 2-10pm

    The afternoon will include, some team building events, where we will get to know members from other Chapters as well as the girls.  If the winds are right, there could be kite flying, there's volleyball and picnic tables to just relax and be social. After the sun goes down, we will watch a movie under the stars. 

    Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be provided.  We are asking everyone going to bring a side dish or a dessert.  If your last name begins with a letter from A-N, please bring a side dish.  If your last name begins with a letter from O-Z, please bring a dessert. 

    This was a really fun event last year, and it should be no different this year.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Brotherhood Weekend



    It's time to register for Brotherhood Weekend 2013.  Registration  information can be found hereRegistration is due to Mom Stern by October 5th, but it would be very helpful to have it turned in to your Chapter so that it can be brought, by an advisor, to the Dad's and Chairmen Meeting on September 29th.


Traveling Gavel Update


    The Traveling Gavel currently resides in North Haven, with Sleeping Giant Chapter.  To claim the gavel, bring 5 Chapter members to visit one of their stated meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

    If multiple Chapters are in attendance, the visiting Chapter with the most members present will take the gavel home.  If both visiting Chapters have the same number of members present, the Chapter that drives the furthest (from their home meeting place) will claim the gavel.

    I will be making my first visitation to my home Chapter, Sleeping Giant Chapter, on Tuesday September 24th.  Hopefully there will be at least one Chapter present to claim the covetted gavel.


DeMolay YouTube Channel


Check out the new CT DeMolay YouTube channel by following this link.  We hope this will be yet another way of increasing communication. 



Be on the lookout for State Suite Officers


    This year's State Suite Officers should be even more visible to the Chapters around  Connecticut DeMolay.  Each month, they will be making at least 1 visitation, independently of the State Master Councilor and should be visiting each Chapter at least twice during the course of the year.  Please keep our State Suite Officers informed of you local activities, so that the State Chapter may know about them and promote them to the rest of the state at the Chapter's discretion.


Grand Master's Class


Auvergne Chapter 2013 Degrees

Sunday, Oct 13th, New Haven

4PM Initiatory Degree, 5PM DeMolay Degree


     This year's Grand Master's Class, in honor of Most Worshipful Grand Master Simon R. LaPlace, will be performed for new Honorary DeMolays who will be joining Auvergne Chapter.  While we will not be bringing in new active DeMolays at this event, all Chapters are encouraged to be in attendance to help welcome these new supporters of Connecticut DeMolay into the comradeship of our organization and to help us honor the Grand Master who has taken the time to not only support DeMolay but has participated in a few of our activities this year, including spending the entire weekend at Conclave.

    The Chapter with the most members present, who are not part of the degree teams, will receive special recognition, but you'll have to be there to find out what it is.


Membership Expo 2013


Save the date!  Saturday, November 16, 2013, the Connecticut DeMolay Membership Expo 2013 will be a day of fun and excitement as we explore various avenues of membership recruitment and retention. 

  • Have you ever wondered how to hold a successful membership recruitment event? 
  • Have you pondered about where have all the Chapter members gone? 
  • Did you ever see young Chapter members with their friends and wonder why they haven't brought them to DeMolay? 
  • Have you seen the same prospective members at multiple events and wonder why they haven't joined yet? 
  • Do you worry that you lack the tools or skills needed to bring your friends into DeMolay?

Relax!  You are not alone.  Come to Membership Expo 2013, we'll have the answers to these and other questions for you.  We'll provide you with the skills to build a successful membership program for your Chapter.



 James P. Cavanaugh II

 State Master Councilor


Upcoming Events


September  7th        Welcome Back Picnic 2-10PM Ashlar Village


September 14th       Sleeping Giant Chapter Installation 7:30PM North Haven


September 15th       Legion of Honor Investitures 3PM New Haven


September 19th       Chevalier & Cross of Honor Investitures 7:30PM Wallingford


September 24th      State Master Councilor Visitation 7:30PM North Haven


September 27th      New Britain Membership Event 6PM New Britain



307 Biehl Road

Hamden, Connecticut 06518


James P. Cavanaugh II

State Master Councilor




Harry E. Needham, III

Executive Officer



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