83rd Conclave is HERE!!

The EXCITEMENT of CONCLAVE is already building. Conclave is the capstone of the DeMolay Year. SMC Matthew Lingenfelter would like to beat all previous attendance records. Only you, your chapter members and prospects can make this happen. Matthew has worked tirelessly to be a leader and friend to every chapter. Support him as he completes his term on a high note.

To register, please select the appropriate form below:

Youth Registration

Adult Registration

Chapter Advisors, please inform your chapters of the information and complete the Master Registration Forms included here.

Completed Chapter Registration forms are due to the Registrar by June 23, 2013.

Please bring your Chapter Banners, either official DeMolay Chapter Banners or Homemade Banners, not just to show your Chapter pride, but to readily display which Chapters are there and where they are.

Also remember to bring the pole and stand.

The Executive Officer, EO Staff and Conclave Staff does not endorse 'Capture the Banner' at Conclave.  If a banner is found unattended outside, please bring it to the attention of a staff member.

This is meant for use during Conclave Sessions, use on the athletic fields is optional.

Mom Mallory is getting the "DeMolay & More Store" together and has a few specials to announce:

  • Since there is no meal being provided Friday evening, there will be Hot Dogs available for purchase. 
  • Get a Hot Dog and an order of Potato Salad for $3.00
  • Check out the website special, print these coupons for a Free Bottle of Water or Bag of Chips with the purchase of a Hot Dog (there's 1 coupon for you, and 2 to share) - this is a Friday only special.

Ritual Competition - not just for individuals anymore.  This year, in addition to the individual Preceptor Competition, we are introducing Team Ritual, on the Opening and closing w/Nine O'clock Interpolation, with a twist - NO FLOOR WORK, NO GAVELS - teams of 3-4 will compete for verbal accuracy in 1 of 2 methods:

  • Round-Robin style, where each line will switch to the next person.
  • Assigned Roles, (i.e. 1 person does MC, another SC & JC, another SD, Chap, & Sent, and the last JD, SS & JS) - or however your team decides to split it up, the only rule is, no one person may have consecutive parts.

Being a team event, like sports, it is weighted heavier with points than an individual part.

Good Luck

How well do you know DeMolay?  Can you answer these questions?

CT DeMolay Trivia

LCC Lesson 1

LCC Lesson 2

If you can answer those questions you stand a good chance of helping your chapter score big in the Connecticut DeMolay Quiz Bowl... 

Give it a shot.

Tentative Schedule - subject to change

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