Mother's Day Flower Talks around the State

Sunday, May 12, 2013, Mother's Day, a day when children around the world pay tribute to their mothers. One day in a year seems to be a small gesture for someone that has spent years of her life caring for our needs.

Connecticut DeMolay received 2 unique requests to perform the Flower Talk, an impressive lecture that focuses on the love between parent and child, more especially our mothers.  The Congregational Church in Stratford and the Baptist Church in Bristol each requested that the DeMolay Flower Talk be performed during services on this day.

State Senior Councilor, Nicholas Carpenter performed for the Stratford service, and Deputy State Master Councilor, James P. Cavanaugh II performed at the Bristol service.

What an excellent opportunity it was to bring DeMolay into the public eye and give a bit of recognition (however small) to our Mothers on this day that is set aside for them.

"DeMolay can ask no more of you than that you shall endeavor so to live as to be worthy of your mother's love."


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