Grand Master's Class

Saturday afternoon, November 24, 2012, State Master Councilor, Matthew J. Lingenfelter and his Suite of State Officers paid tribute to Dad Gary W. Arseneau, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Connecticut. 

The festivities kicked off early in the day when Executive Officer, Dad Needham hosted a luncheon for the sponsoring bodies of the chapters in Connecticut DeMolay.  Certificates of Recognition were presented to the lodges that were represented as a small thank you for their efforts to care for the young men of DeMolay.

The ceremonies, began with an outstanding performance of the Ceremony of Light by State Chaplain Andrew Birdsall.

The DeMolay Degree was then performed by the officers of the State Suite.  State Senior Deacon, Michael Gendreau did an excellent job with the 4th Section.

State Master Councilor Lingenfelter completed the Ceremonies with a beautiful Flower Talk.

Executive Officer Needham and State Master Councilor Lingenfelter then presented Dad Arseneau with a Certificate of Appreciation for his support of the Masonic Youth Programs, and Connecticut DeMolay in particular.

Dad Arseneau informed the crowd that there was a fundraiser held this past summer to benefit Connecticut DeMolay, Rainbow and the Masonicare Quality of Life Fund.  The fundraiser was held at the Country Jamboree in August where they played Bovine Bingo (a grid is set up, like a bingo card on the ground, the squares of the grid are 'sold' for a donation, cows are brought onto the grid and whoever's square the "cow pie" ends up on is the winner of a percentage of the donation pool).  Dad Arseneau presented State Master Councilor Lingenfelter a check for Connecticut DeMolay from the proceeds of this fundraiser.  A very generous donation, State Master Councilor Lingenfelter expressed gratitude on behalf of Connecticut DeMolay.

This was a good afternoon, full of excellent work by the State Officers as a fitting way to honor a man who gives a lot to Connecticut DeMolay.


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