New Haven Chapter Porgy Adventure

 Just before dawn on the morn of Columbus Day, 8 brave souls from New Haven and Doric Chapters sought out on an adventure, a quest, to catch one of Long Island Sound's most plentiful gifts, the mighty Porgy and not mighty in size but in plentiful in number.
 The first fish came around dawn, as soon as the sun rose, the faint words 'fish on' were heard over the mighty engines of the comfortably riding 85ft Mijoy, from then on, the action from these fun fighting and delectable fish continued nonstop throughout the course of the day.
 The young greenhorns from New Haven Chapter found themselves fighting fish after fish, catching not only Porgy but Sea Bass, Blackfish and even some weak fish.
 The excitement filled the morning and afternoon without a moment of reprieve, that is, until the exhaust of continuous battle with small but mighty foes forced the young men to eventually succumb, or was it the return to port, either way, the day was an immense success and everyone had fun.
 A  total of 160 fish were given by the sea, a bounty of 55 taken by Doric Chapter and 105 taken by the first timers of New Haven Chapter. It was an awesome day and thanks to all the crew of the Mijoy 747 for helping us learn to fish, we look forward to our next trip.
Pictures of the trip can be found here.

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